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Episode 66 of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!
December 21, 2011 06:43 AM PST
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Right before our Christmas episode, we squeezed in another episode of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!

Songs in this show include The Devil In Miss Jones by Mike Ness, Do The Devil by The Amazing Crowns, He's a Vampire by Archie Kings, Your Neck by Alkaline Trio, California Here I Come by Shocking Blue, Tight Black Pants by The Plasmatics, Movin on Up (Jefferson's Theme) by The Transitones, Yay! It's Pink by Anal Cunt, Chainsaw Gutsfuck by Mayhem, Metal RAPsody by Lone Rager, Made en France by France Gall, Theme from Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, Far from Over by Frank Stallone from Staying Alive, First Victim by Claudio Gizzi from Blood for Dracula, Main Title from Swamp Thing, Tryouts for the Human Race by Spark/Justice Remix, The Dead on Main Street/Voodoo Uprising rokOPERA - Cannibal Ferox Tribute Score, Home Box Office Intro 80's Theme, Don't You Want Me by Danny Diablo, Wolverine Blues by Entombed, Adeniji by The Budos Band mix with Samurai Cop, Red Ripin' Hood and the Wolf by Bunkerhill, and Kamal Amhed Chinese Delivery Prank, and Thirteen from The Hangover by Danzig.

Clips and trailers from films such as To The Devil A Daughter, Torture Garden, Fright Night Part 2, Samurai Cop, Scarface, The Blob, Raw Force, Death Race 2000, and The Disco Godfather.

Enjoy and be sure to keep an eye out for the Christmas special just in time for the holidays!

Episode 65 of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!
October 16, 2011 12:16 PM PDT
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It's October, and it's our favorite month here at I Can Smell Your Brains .Com! The theaters get packed with spooky movies, television channels run old school movies, stores pack their shelves with monster stuff, and we ensemble an episode sure to please every horror and sci-fi fan out there with episode #65!

This shows music includes Devil Child by Judas Priest, Green Hell and Dark Shadows by The Misfits, Creatures of The Night by The Creepshow, Shudders and Screams by Ben Colder, The Herculoids Theme, Halloween Hootenanny Intro and Happy Halloween by John Zacherle, Halloween by King Diamond, Trick or Treat by 4 Flops, Halloween by Dead Kennedys, Bob Larson/Glen Benton talking it out/Odd Couple theme, Necromancy by Bathory, Second Coming by Alice Cooper, Please Mr. Gravedigger by David Bowie, Satan Halloween Tribute feat. Anton LaVey music and Abby clips instrumental LaVey Wurlitzer Organ Tune, House on the Edge of the Park Theme, Escape Theme from The Day the Earth Stood Still, Cemetery Chase from Maniac, Burial Ground Theme, Creepshow Theme, Hair of the Dog from The Shining, Everyone is Welcome at The Munsters, There is a Haunted House in Town by The Wonderland Singers, and Keep The Change by Hank Williams Jr.

Also clips and trailers from the likes of The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, Disney's Haunted Mansion, Devil’s Nightmare, Boris Karloff and Friends from The House of Frankenstein, Hellraiser, The Incredible Shirnking Man, Spaceballs, Halloween and Season of The Witch, A New Dimension in Shock Radio Spot, and Inframan.

Don't forget to check out www.icansmellyourbrains.com and Andrea's theatre www.theroyaleaz.com


Episode 64 of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!
September 15, 2011 08:52 PM PDT
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So the summer is almost over, and to celebrate the end of the heat we decided to change it up a bit with a summer pool party episode. We recorded the show from the swimming pool rather than inside the studio which was much cooler considering our office doesn't have air conditioning and we are in Arizona!

This show includes music from Skeet Surfin from Top Secret!, Pineapple Princess by Annette Funicello, Surf's Up by M.O.D., Surfing Bird by The Trashmen, Psycho Beach Party Theme, The Loveboat Theme, Just Like Paradise by David Lee Roth, Funky Town by Pseudo Echo, Beware the Circling Fin by Early Man, Eerie Beach from The Munsters, Fly Hawaii by Luke Vibert & BJ Cole, City Under the Sea by Islanders, Sur La Plage by Gerard Calvi, The Hidden Island by The Tradewinds Orchestra, Surf Nicaragua by Sacred Reich, Surfin Dead by The Cramps from Return of The Living Dead, Cruel Summer by Bananaramma from The Karate Kid, Surfin Bird by Pee Wee Herman from Back to the Beach, and Don't Call Me Bro by Bro-Loaf finishing off the show.

Plus don't forget a bunch of clips and trailers from classics such as Summer Rental, One Crazy Summer, Revenge of The Nerds 2, Psycho Beach Party, Jaws, Boris Karloff A1 Commercial, Surf Nazi's Must Die, Point Break, Creepshow, and Weekend at Bernies!

So grab a Pina Colada, a nice cigar, and your beach towel before the cold front hits your door and enjoy our end of summer special edition show!


Episode 63 of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!
August 28, 2011 03:53 PM PDT

Here we go with another awesome edition of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio - Episode 63. This show features a double tribute to The Planet of The Apes (Old School of course), and the late great Bubba Smith aka Moses Hightower from Police Academy.

Also included are classics such as London's Burning an White Riot by The Clash, Wild in the Streets by Circle Jerks, Shocker by the Dudes of Wrath, Monsters among Us by Smoke on Water,The Chan Clan Theme, New Romance by Miles Fisher (Final Destination/Saved by the Bell Parody), Kung Fu by Ash, Camaro by The Cyrkle, Civilization by Justice, Everybody Wants to Live by Brian Wilson, Escape from the Planet of The Apes Theme by Jerry Goldsmith, Orgazmatron by Motorhead, Escape from The Prison Planet by Clutch, Planet of The Apes TV Theme by Lalo Shifrin, and Alice Mae by Samuel Jackson from Black Snake Moan.

Don't forget the trailers and clips throughout from the likes of Conquest of The Planet of The Apes, Planet of The Apes and Beneath the Planet of The Apes, Married With Children clip Bubba Smith as Spare Tire Dixon, Mr. Bill Drug PSA, Shocker, Shaun of The Dead, Deadbeat at Dawn, Police Academy 4 Citizens on Patrol, The Simpsons, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Classic Theater Intermission Music, and Workout Video Excerpts from Bubba Until It Hurts.

Be sure to check back in a few weeks for our "End of Summer" Episode #64 that we are recording from the swimming pool at our studio. Yes, literally from the pool. You read that right.


Episode 62 of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!
July 28, 2011 10:11 PM PDT

It's been a little while, Andrea opened her new theater called The Royale in Mesa AZ, I got married, Brandon has been jet setting, and Dan Stone has been busy reading Able Team Novels.

So here you go - another amazing episode of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio. Since Andrea didn't get me a mix in time, we decided to make her an entire tribute to "balls." That's right...

Tracks included are Balls to The Walls by Accept, Chocolate Salty Balls by Isaac Hayes from South Park, Big Balls by AC/DC, Crank Deez Nuts by some random rap dude, While You Sleep I'll Destroy Your World by Nailbomb (And me being prank phone called in the beginning before the track), Cannibal Holocaust Theme, I Eat Cannibals by Toto Coelo, The Hermit by Blood Ceremony, Wicked World (Black Sabbath Cover) by Casualties of Jazz, Thank You For Being a Friend by Andrew Gold (Mega Powers Mega Mix), Speaking from The Heart by Macho Man Randy Savage, Bikeage by The Descendents, Bruce Lee Vs. The Kiss Army by Guttermouth, The Eliminator by Agnostic Front, Wild World by Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies, What's it Like to Be Old by Cock Sparrer, and the Theme from Taxi.

Plus clips and trailers from Phil Donahue Show (Punk Rock Episode), Vinny Stigma for President, Top Gun, They Call Me Bruce, CB4, Death Wish 4, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Rio Commercial, Petey Wheatstraw, Paul Nashy's Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman, Snoop Dog from Crank Yankers, and Cannibal Holocaust.

New episode coming in a few weeks so stay tuned and subscribe!


Episode 52 of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio!
June 07, 2010 08:58 PM PDT

It's time for another edition of I Can Smell Your Brains Radio -Episode 52!

This show is a special "ZOMBIE" tribute due to the fact of our special guests: Comic Book creators of the Zombie Vietnam Comic '68! Jay Fotos, Nat Jones, and Mark Kidwell guest hosted the entire show, talked about '68 and it's future, and about horror in general!

Andrea couldn't make it because of obligations due to the Phoenix Comic Con so the show is hosted by Brandon and I.

The music from this show includes Metropolis Theme from City of The Living Dead, Zombie Jamboree by Harry Belafonte, Wake up Dead by Megadeth, Intro from Hell of The Living Dead, Hip Hop Be Bop by Man Parrish and Blood in Three Flavours by Pete Woodhead and Daniel Mudford from Shaun of The Dead with added excerpts, Cemetery by The Ramones, For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, Maneater by Hall and Oats, Zombie by the Cranberries, Dawn of the Dead Theme by Demonia, White lines w/ clips from Shaun of the Dead by Grandmaster Flash, Run Through the Jungle by Creedance Clearwater Revival, Mandatory Suicide by Slayer, Zombie Walk by The Magics, Down With The Sickness by Richard Cheese, God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash, Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire, Theme from Zombie Holocaust (Make Love on A Wing), and we closed with the Different Strokes Theme in memory of Gary Coleman!

Other clips and trailers are from Fido Zomcon Intro, Clips From Return of the Living Dead, Dawn of The Dead Trailer, Day of The Dead Trailer, Night of the Living Dead clips, Cemetery Man clips, Return of The Living Dead clips, Trailer for Zombie Island Massacre, Brain Damage (USA film not the Dead Alive movie) clips, Pet Zombie Trailer, Clip from Zombi 2, Clip from Full Metal Jacket, News Report w/ Tom Savini and Ken Foree from Dawn of The Dead Remake, Press Conference from Dawn of the Dead Remake, Trailer from Master's of Horror Episode Homecoming, and a Meat Grinder Clip from History Channel.

The show is a little over two hours and jam packed with awesome music and hilarious banter. Spread the word - tell your friends, and let everyone know that I Can Smell Your Brains Radio is awesome!